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  • Relax with a choice of sedation options
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Get Comfortable Tooth Removal in Cockeysville

Having a tooth removed doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but at Touch of Smiles Dental Care, we make the process comfortable for you. If you need tooth removal in Cockeysville, you can count on us to do it as painlessly as possible. In fact, having us extract your tooth will help you:

  • Get out of pain so you can relax
  • Preserve your oral health by protecting your other teeth and gums
  • Enjoy peace of mind about the condition of your mouth
  • Prepare your mouth for other treatments like dental implants or dentures

A tooth extraction may never be fun. But it can be a positive experience, especially at Touch of Smiles Dental Care. Call us today at 410-498-8472 to schedule an appointment. Ask about our Membership Club to save money on your treatment.

Our Expert Team Is Ready to Help With Your Extraction

Dr. Ra provides several restorative treatments that are designed to repair and save a damaged or diseased tooth. Preserving your natural tooth is almost always better than removing it and replacing it with an artificial tooth. Still, sometimes a tooth simply can’t be saved.

We understand you may feel a bit anxious if you have a tooth that needs removal:

  • Dr. Ra will carefully explain the process to you and answer any questions you have to ease your anxiety.
  • She’ll make sure the area we’re working on is completely numb, so you don’t feel anything.
  • You’re welcome to laughing gas or oral sedation in pill form if you need a little extra help getting comfortable.
  • We will take a break, if needed, to help you remain relaxed and calm.

After your tooth has been removed, we’ll provide you with complete aftercare instructions to help you enjoy a quick and comfortable recovery. You should take it easy for at least 24 hours, not exercising or doing heavy lifting that might cause bleeding.

For tooth removal in Cockeysville, come see Dr. Ra at Touch of Smiles Dental Care. Call us today at 410-498-8472 to schedule a consultation. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal/Extractions

How much does a tooth removal cost?

When it comes to a tooth extraction, or any other type of oral surgery, each case is different. The cost will ultimately depend on which tooth needs removing as well as the overall condition of your mouth. We encourage you to come in for an exam and X-rays, so we can give you an accurate idea of the cost involved.

How long does it take a tooth removal to heal?

In most cases, you can expect your extraction site to heal fully within approximately seven to 10 days. Your healing will depend partly on how well you follow the aftercare instructions we’ll give you. If you’re careful about what you eat and drink and avoid vigorous exercise for a few days, your healing will be quicker and more comfortable.

What is dry socket after a tooth removal?

Dry socket occurs when the blood clot that formed where your tooth was removed is dislodged or dissolves. The nerves and bone are then left exposed to food and air, creating intense pain. If you rinse and spit often after your extraction, use a straw, or eat hard foods, you increase your chances of experiencing dry socket.

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